Wedding Officiants in Thunder Bay, Ontario

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John AndersonawardAdditional LanguagesEnglishFrenchSpanishBilingual

John AndersonJohn is a resident of Thunder Bay. John is use to dealing with a wide variety of people. He has a real skill at making people feel comfortable. He is open to alternative ideas, whether it is an alternative format or alternative locations such as your backyard a restaurant, or a park. John is very flexible and open to all new and wonderful ideas. He is also very comfortable and supportive of those who want something more traditional and conservative.

Deanna Hannaford-WilcoxawardAdditional LanguagesEnglish

Deanna Hannaford-WilcoxDeanna is incredibly excited that you are considering her to assist you on one of the most magical days of your life journey! Following in her mother’s footsteps (Rev. Joyce Hannaford), she knows “first-hand” the importance of planning, communication and work that results in a successful wedding ceremony. Having a background as a teacher and Elementary Principal doesn’t hurt either! She’s an ‘outdoor-zee’ kinda gal, but music is a passion and she has been a drummer since she was 12. Her latest instrument is hand bells, which we think is awesome! She is eager to meet with you and discuss the details of your wedding to your special someone!

Suzanne QuirionawardAdditional LanguagesEnglish

Suzanne QuirionMarrying the love of your life is one of the greatest joys you will experience, just as having your day turn out exactly how you planned it. I’m very comfortable performing French, English or Bilingual traditional or spiritual wedding ceremonies anywhere in the Thunder Bay area. I am fully bilingual and an experienced public speaker. In the last few years, I have witnessed the two beautiful weddings of both my sons. Partaking in these weddings, has given me the clarity to understand the importance of detail, the magic of words, the wisdom to listen and the heart to put it all together. Let me be part of making your day as you want it!

Diana Hannaford-WilcoxawardAdditional LanguagesEnglish

Diana Hannaford-WilcoxLocated in Thunder Bay, with the love of her life and three amazing children, Diana is eloquent, full of life, energy, and passionate about wedding ceremonies. Conducting ceremonies complements her years of experience taking part and assisting in many weddings, both traditional and spiritual in her role as music director. Along with her extensive involvement with directing choirs, musicals and fundraisers, she clearly understands the importance of that very personal moment in time - your wedding ceremony, and is committed to help make it fun and memorable for all involved! She would be excited and thrilled to be able to be a part of your special day.

Bianca CavaawardWedding Industy Experts 2015awardAdditional LanguagesEnglish

Bianca CavaBianca, would love to be a part of your special day! She enjoys working with people and believes in equal respect for everybody. She is comfortable and open to performing your personalized ceremony. Bianca is completely open to accommodating any and all requests in order to make your ceremony exactly how you’ve imagined it to be. Please note that Bianca is not currently accepting any weddings after the end of Aug, 2019.

Evelyne ReidawardAdditional LanguagesEnglish

Evelyne ReidEvelyne's warmth and compassion will bring a spirit of joy to your special wedding ceremony day. Thunder Bay weddings and area are her special focus. As a retired teacher of every level of the education system including university, Evelyne has extensive experience working with people at all levels, ages and backgrounds. As a professional singer, director of plays and musicals, she understands the importance of the staging of ritual and wedding ceremonies. Her welcoming and inclusive energy will ensure a meaningful experience for all of your guests. Evelyne is excited about sharing this important part of your wedding journey.