Wedding Officiants in Algonquin Park West, Ontario

Including: Algonquin Park.Some of our wedding officiants will serve the park when a modest travel allowance is added to their fee. In addition we need part time officiants in this area. Free training gi

Joan WeirawardAdditional LanguagesEnglish

Joan WeirAs a Appointed Designated Minister with Clergy Support Church I have an endless curiosity and sense of wonder for the mystery and magic of the human spirit. I live in the Algonquin Highlands ( Bancroft, Haliburton and district).It has become a passion of mine to discover how to honour the uniqueness of each of us in ceremonies of all kinds. I am thrilled to help create and participate with anyone marking special occasions with personal expressions of ritual and ceremony.Weddings are a specialty. I continually learn from teachers and mentors from many traditions as well as the daily discoveries and surprises from the the earth. I live, play, work and grow spiritually from life so close to the natural world.