Unity Candle Ceremony

Just before the wedding vows, the parents of the couple come forward (or other family members, children etc.) and light a candle for each. Then the couple light the center candle from these two outside candles. The Unity candle symbolizes the joining of their families, the merging of two individuals, the creation of a blended family, etc.

Officiant speaks: At this time we will have the lighting of the Unity candle. I want to ask representatives of both families to light one of the  candles. Please come forward.

Before (Spouse 1) and (Spouse 2) come forward to light their wedding candle, allow me to explain the symbolism behind these candles.

The two outside candles have been lit to symbolize the two families from which these individuals have come.

The couple will light the center candle from the other two. The three candles will remain lit.

One candle for each of them, and one candle for the unity of their new family, and as a symbol of their commitment to each other and to a lasting and loving marriage.

(Spouse 1) and (Spouse 2), please light your candle.

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