Unconditional Love

By Father John Powell

True love is and must always be, a free gift with no conditions attached.

The essential message of unconditional love is one of liberation.

You can be whoever you are, express all your thoughts and feelings with absolute confidence.

You do not have to be fearful that love will be taken away.

You will not be punished for your openness or honesty.

There is no admission price to love, no rental fees or installment payments to be made.

There may be days when disagreements and disturbing emotionans may come between you.

There may be times when thoughts or physical miles may lie between you.

But you have given each other the word of your commitment.

You have set your life on a new course.

You should not go back on your word to each other.

So feel free to be yourselves.

One thing we all know and should share with each other...we are committed to each others growth and happiness.

Above all else, never take each other for granted and always love each other, because true love is unconditional.

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