Be careful with the excessive involvement of children in the marriage ceremony

Surprise! Once in a while children will not share your sense of excitement about the wedding. Often, to the child it can seem more a party occasion. Usually, giving children major roles in the ceremony quickly becomes a duty rather than a delight. It is generally best to give a child only one active role and also to be mentioned in the ceremony, rather than to actively involve a child at too many different points throughout the ceremony. With teenagers, some care should be taken not to give them roles they may feel silly doing.

It is very important if children are coming into the marriage that they be recognized or participate in some part of the wedding ceremony itself. Children often can not express fears or doubts they have. Involving children in the ceremony helps them to transition to the new relationship they are now a part of. Many times it takes time for your child to work your request through their feelings. What may be a clear turn down today may be an enthusiastic 'sure' a few weeks from now. Give them time you won't regret it.

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