Short Rose Ceremony 2

A single red rose always meant "I love you".

Your gift to each other for your wedding today has been your wedding rings - which shall always be an outward demonstration of your vows of love and respect; and a public showing of your commitment to each other.

But for your first gift as a married couple, I want you now to give each other the gift of a a single rose. So please exchange your roses; a gift of true and abiding love within the devotion of marriage.

Remember, the single rose says the words: "I love you".

There may be times filled with happiness, sorrow, tears or laughter,whatever it may be, remember love has given you wings; your journey begins today; ______ and ________, if there is anything you remember of this marriage ceremony, remember the love that brought you here today, it is only love which can make your marriage a glorious union, and it is by love that your marriage will endure.

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