Frequently Asked Questions

Who is All Seasons Wedding Ceremonies?

All Seasons Wedding Ceremonies is a wedding ceremony and event planning company. We enlist the help of a team of licensed male and female wedding officiants. Each officiant carries their license to marry couples with them. We conduct your wedding ceremony the way you wanted it conducted. Every ceremony is personalized.

What is your refund policy?

Weddings that need to be cancelled within 30 days of booking will be refunded minus $100 +HST administration fee. Those weddings that are cancelled more than 30 days after booking will not be refunded. This may not apply to all packages.

How do we book one of your officiants to conduct our wedding ceremony?

Contact our office. We will send you a sample ceremony and other resources, as well as a quote. We will pencil you in until you talk it over. You reserve by making a deposit with our office.

How long does the ceremony take?

We tell couples to budget thirty minutes. The entrance, the ceremony, signing, recessional etc. For us the key is the start time as our officiants usually are heading off to another wedding.

Can my best friend conduct my ceremony?

Your friend may participate meaningfully in your ceremony, working alongside one of our licenced wedding officiants. Please discuss this option with our reservations team. The regular fee applies.

Can we talk with an officiant before we reserve?

Certainly. Feel free to ask about any officiant on the web page. Once we confirm their availability for you, we will send you their contact information so you can reach out to them.

Do you have emergency back up?

Yes. If something were to happen to your officiant in the weeks leading up to the wedding, All Seasons will provide you with a replacement if needed. We also have a weekend emergency line to help cover day-of emergencies.

Can we write our own vows and have friends read, etc?

You sure can! We have other ceremony resources on our web page. Does not apply to every wedding package offered.

Do we have to memorize our vows?

No. you can write your own vows but come wedding day, we can “feed them to you one word at a time.”

Can photos be taken?

That’s up to you. Our officiants are comfortable with photos being taken – just make sure to get their good side!

What do your officiants wear to the ceremony?

Appropriate business attire. Some (though not all) have clergy attire if requested.

Does the officiant stay for dinner, etc?

Most would like to but usually have another wedding ceremony to go to. You can ask your officiant when the time comes.

What time does the officiant arrive on our big day?

We arrive 15 minutes or so before the ceremony. In every case you should give your officiant an on-site phone number.

Is a gratuity expected?

No, but you may feel you would like to express your gratitude for an excellent ceremony in this way. Some couples send a thank you card with a picture. The best of all is to refer a friend. Some couples do all of the above.

Do we get to meet the officiant?

Most of our wedding packages call for a planning meeting 30 to 90 days before the ceremony. Other arrangements can be made as well. We will give you any officiant's phone number before you reserve.

Can we choose more than one officiant?

Regarding choosing multiple officiants, we can confirm only one officiant at a time. Due to high demand, we're just not able to have 2 or 3 of our more popular officiants holding the same date and time indefinitely. We suggest couples provide us with a list in order of preference.

Once availability has been confirmed, we ask that you speak with the officiant directly to see if you feel (s)he would be an appropriate choice for your special day. In the unlikely event you do not feel you are a match, we will do all we can to find someone more suitable and go to another choice of officiant at that time.

How long before the wedding should we book a wedding officiant?

Every wedding is different. Some months are busier than others. We suggest you should book just as soon as you have your reception venue reserved. Please call us and check our availability any time.

Will we be legally married?

Yes! Canadian law allows each province to legislate their marriage act. Same sex marriages have been legally recognized across Canada since July 2005.

Can our children take part in the ceremony?

We encourage it. Ask us for our list of ideas in how to do just that! You can also take a look at our Ceremonies and Readings tab on the site.

Is a rehearsal necessary and how much does it cost?

A tough call. Tradition, moms, and bridal books say have one. We say talk it over with your officiant. You should always walk through the ceremony with your wedding party. You may or may not need your officiant present. (Much depends on place and size of wedding). There is an additional fee for a rehearsal and the cost depends on how much time is involved for the officiant.

How do I apply for a marriage certificate after we are married?


The couples must apply for this on their own. They can either apply online or through the mail, however processing time takes 10-12 weeks once the government has received the wedding licence.


Once the government has processed the couples’ DEC-50 form, it will send them a letter letting them know that their marriage is now registered and giving them a “secure click” number so that they may apply for their marriage certificate online.


Once Vital Statistics has registered the marriage, they will automatically send the couple their wedding certificate. The turnaround is about three weeks.

If any other copies are needed they will need to be ordered separately. (BC is the only province that sends certificates automatically.)


Three weeks after the wedding, the couple may return to the registry agent to apply for an Alberta Marriage certificate. You can download the application here.

Do you have a location at which we can get married?

If you are in the Ottawa area, you can visit the Ottawa Wedding Chapel, but otherwise we do not have a ceremony location. Our officiants may be able to make suggestions to you for potential venues or outdoor locations in their communities of service.

Do you perform baptisms/naming ceremonies?

Many of our officiants conduct baptisms and naming ceremonies. You can find them listed at

Do you perform vow renewals?

All of our officiants are happy to perform vow renewals. We’d be more than happy to help you celebrate your milestone anniversary. The same process for finding an officiant applies – just fill in the Request a Quote form.

Can I get married in another province?

To get married in any province other than your own, you must obtain a marriage licence from the province where the wedding will take place. There are no residency requirements.

Ontario Residents Getting Married in Quebec

Can Ontario residents get married in Quebec?

Yes. There are no residency requirements for getting married in Quebec, and no additional requirements for Ontario residents. All you need is a confirmed date, time & location and an officiant who is credentialed in the province.

Do I need to buy a marriage licence to get married in Quebec?

No, your officiant is required to provide you with a Declaration of marriage (DEC-50), the equivalent document. This document is included in our fee.

Can I take my spouse’s surname?

That depends on the province in which you live.

  • Quebec residents, regardless of which province they are married in, are unable to assume their spouse’s last name.
  • Ontario residents can assume their spouse’s surname regardless of where they get married. Please see here for more information.

Can I get an Ontario certificate if I get married in Quebec?

A few weeks after your ceremony, the Directeur de l’Etat Civil, will contact you by mauk to advise you that you can apply for a certificate from the province of Quebec. This document is accepted in Ontario, and all other provinces. It will allow you to assume your spouse’s surname in Ontario and other provinces in Canada.

How do I change my name after the ceremony?

In most cases, you can just “assume” your spouse’s last name. In other words, to “change” your name you just start using it. To update your driver’s licence, bank accounts and other information, you will simply need to show your marriage certificate.

A legal name change – which changes your birth certificate – may be required for updating immigration or citizenship documents.

Quebec is an exception

Under the Civil Code of Québec, both spouses retain their respective names in marriage and exercise civil rights under those names. If you reside in Quebec this law applies to you, even if you were married outside of Quebec.

Where and when do I get my marriage licence?


At a local municipal office or City Hall in Ontario or downloaded from the Service Ontario website. The license is good for 90 days. To get a license one needs to obtain an application. The application can be picked up anytime, and it explains the i.d., the legal documentation, etc. that you need to obtain the license. In most cases you can pick up the application and get the license the same day.


In Quebec the officiant acts as the licencing agent. The officiant will have you fill in a form called the DEC50 and the officiant will need to see your identification (birth certificate and one other government issued id) and if necessary your official divorce documents. Also in Quebec there needs to be a 20 day posting at the wedding venue, so make sure to leave time to meet this requirement.


In Alberta, a marriage licence is good for three months from the date of purchase. Visit a registry agent office to fill in a marriage licence application. More information, including a link to find an office in your area, can be found here: A couple must apply together for their marriage licence – some exceptions may apply, check with a registry agent for details


In BC, a marriage licence is good for three months from the date of purchase. You must show primary identification for each partner. You can search for a Marriage Licence Issuer here:

How do we get a wedding licence if our divorce was out side Canada?

If you were divorced outside Canada, you will have to provide divorce documentation to the provincial government to be validated. Documents in languages other than English and French, will have to be translated.

For example, in Ontario, you need to provide the following to Service Ontario:

  • Marriage licence application: completed and signed
  • Statement of Sole Responsibility: for each divorce (signed by both people who are planning to get married and a witness)
  • Legal opinion letter: from an Ontario lawyer, addressed to both people who plan to get married, giving reasons why the divorce or annulment should be recognized in Ontario
  • Divorce decree or annulment: an original or court-certified copy in English or French
      • If the decree is in another language, you will need to include a translated copy and an affidavit sworn by a certified translator

Visit the Service Ontario website for more details.

What if there is a change to my date/time/location?

If there is a change to your date, time or location, you must let us know. We will reconfirm with your officiant to make sure they are still available for you.

It is important that the office have all the up-to-date details in case there was ever an issue where a back-up officiant had to be sent.

My question isn’t listed/answered in this FAQ, what do I do?

Our office is available to answer all of your questions. Just give us a call at 1-800-545-3681.