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Including: Azilda, Chelmsford, Dowling, Levack, Blezard Valley, Val Caron, Val Therese, Hanmer, Capreol, Coniston, Lively, Walden, Copper Clff, Garson, Falconbridge, Skead, Cartier, Wanup, Marksday, Wa

Iain BuchananawardAdditional LanguagesEnglish

Iain BuchananIain will work diligently with you to make sure your wedding celebration realizes your wishes. He has a deep respect for the many different ways people experience the Divine in their lives and welcomes your special requests to customize your service to make it meaningful and unique to you. He is a caring and sensitive person who can be trusted to conduct your ceremony in a manner that is friendly and memorable. As an affirming minister, Iain is comfortable working with people of all sexual orientations and gender identities, as well as with mixed-faith and mixed-culture couples.

Karen BassawardAdditional LanguagesEnglish

Karen BassI live in Azilda, but I serve the whole Sudbury area. On your special special day, together, I’ll help you create a ceremony that speaks about you, about your relationship and about the love you have for each other. Every couple is important and I want your non-denominational or spiritual wedding ceremony to be exactly as you hoped. I am an experienced working in public with a strong voice and people tell me I have a gentle sense of humour. I would be honoured to be a part of your great day.

Charles BolducawardWedding Industy Experts 2015awardAdditional LanguagesEnglish

Charles BolducCharles was recently voted by his peers as the ‘Most Popular Wedding Officiant in Sudbury and area’ at the prestigious international 'Wedding Industry Experts 2015 Awards' He is confident, compassionate and sensitive to the individuals he meets. He believes a couple’s day should be one of the most important highlights of their lives, and offers couples the opportunity to plan their wedding their way. He has experience celebrating weddings both spiritual and secular. Charles is open to all communications with couples at their convenience, including phone calls, emails and face-to-face meetings. In addition to the district of Sudbury, he has officiated at weddings from Key River to Elliot Lake and Manitoulin Island. As well as traditional weddings, he has celebrated same-gender weddings and welcomes all cultures and traditions. Charles will meet with you and provide options of wedding vows, wedding poetry, and suggestions on how to personalize your wedding style. It’s your big day and it should be your wedding your way.

Colleen HeidmanawardAdditional LanguagesEnglish

Colleen HeidmanColleen is a vibrant and caring individual who has been conducting weddings since 2006. Located in Sudbury, she cares for people and loves to help couples plan their big day. She has extensive experience with non–denominational or spiritual ceremonies. Colleen is passionate about weddings and has excellent organizational skills to help alleviate stress. Her willingness to listen to your every wish and try her hardest to make it a reality will capture the romance in each ceremony.

Normand BlanchardawardAdditional LanguagesEnglish

Normand BlanchardNorm hails from Sudbury and is a caring individual who has made working with people his life vocation. His respect for ALL people, his zest for life and his fluent English/French communication skills make him stand out as a professional in his field. Norm’s multi-faceted training and his many years of experience allow him to guide people in the creation of meaningful and profound life celebrations that will be remembered for years to come. Whether traditional, non-denominational, humanist, spiritual or a mixture of each, Norm will guide you in creating a wedding ceremony that will be filled with significance and reflect both your worldviews.

Gerry CopemanawardWedding Industy Experts 2016awardAdditional LanguagesEnglish

Gerry CopemanGerry was recently voted by his peers as the ‘Most Popular Wedding Officiant in Sudbury’ at the prestigious international Wedding Industry Experts 2016 Awards. Gerry has many years of experience helping couples prepare for, and celebrate, their wedding. He is welcoming of all who are seeking to profess their love and commitment to each other, and will work with you to personalize your wedding ceremony. Based in Sudbury, Gerry is available to those living in north-eastern Ontario. He is bilingual, warm and friendly, a gifted speaker and socially inviting. Gerry is open to celebrating weddings with either a spiritual or secular dimension, and is welcoming of all cultures and traditions as well as heterosexual and same sex weddings.

Michel DaultawardAdditional LanguagesEnglish

Michel DaultMichel was born and raised in northern Ontario and lives in Sudbury. He is compassionate, outgoing and approachable, with a gentle sense of humour and a love for life. He celebrates diversity and respects the personal freedom to choose one’s own path. He will work with you to help you personalize your spiritual traditional, interfaith or same-sex wedding ceremony, and make it a very special one. Michel can conduct English and bilingual ceremonies. He has been involved in many volunteer roles and is currently a volunteer at Maison Vale Hospice in Sudbury. If you are looking for a wedding officiant who is caring, open and flexible, look no more - he is the one for you.

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