Wedding Officiants in Stratford, Ontario

Gail MalcolmawardWedding Industry Experts 2016 WinnerGay and Lesbian WeddingsConducts Gay and Lesbian Weddings

Gail MalcolmGail was recently voted by her peers as the ‘Most Popular Wedding Officiant in Woodstock’ at the prestigious international Wedding Industry Experts 2016 Awards. Gail is an outgoing, positive person who enjoys all people. She has recently retired from working with social services for over thirty years, working with and for people from all walks of life and in many different circumstances. With a sincere openness to people and their personal beliefs and values, Gail sincerely hopes to facilitate a wedding that will meet all of your hopes and expectations. A great believer in family and friendship as essentials on life's sacred path, Gail will endevour to respond to cultural, personal, and physical needs. With humour, reverence and participation, Gail will strive to make your day a wonderful lasting memory. As a resident of Woodstock she also serves London, St. Thomas, Brantford, Dorchester, Ingersoll, St Marys etc.

Ed WalzakGay and Lesbian WeddingsConducts Gay and Lesbian Weddings

Ed WalzakEd came to recognize his passion to help couples realize their dream wedding while presiding over not one, but two of his siblings' wedding ceremonies. A resident of Kitchener, Ed is a talented public speaker and his natural charisma ensures his comfort with groups of any size. A champion for children through World Vision, Ed believes in the awesome power that love brings to the world. He considers being included in your special day a great privilege and dedicates his creativity and humour to your wedding ceremony. Together you will enjoy a truly customized celebration of your commitment and the perfect start to your lifetime together.

Jeannette HillGay and Lesbian WeddingsConducts Gay and Lesbian Weddings

Jeannette HillI moved to Woodstock over 50 years ago and am retired from a career as Justice of the Peace. The most enjoyable and satisfying part of my position was performing wedding ceremonies in Woodstock and around South Western Ontario. It became and still is my passion. I enjoyed everything from meeting the participants to the wedding ceremony. I am comfortable with religious and non-denominational ceremonies regardless of gender and look forward to assisting everyone in having a wonderful day. Since retiring my husband and I curled, learned to mostly kick dirt at the golf course, and travel. I am now learning shuffleboard and how to bowl.

Kathryn HaynesGay and Lesbian WeddingsConducts Gay and Lesbian Weddings

Kathryn HaynesKathryn believes that your celebration of marriage should be as special as the two of you! She is located in Stratford and is dedicated to providing the kind of wedding ceremony that you, your family, and friends will always remember. She attended Brock University and holds three degrees; a BA in Theatre, a BEd and a Masters in Education focusing on Teaching, Learning and Development Kathryn enjoys music and plays the Alto Saxophone and Fife. An avid history buff and ‘time-traveler', Kathryn re-enacts the American Revolution as a loyalist refugee and volunteers with the Stratford Perth Heritage Foundation. Kathryn would welcome the opportunity to work with you.

Leigh CooneyGay and Lesbian WeddingsConducts Gay and Lesbian Weddings

Leigh CooneyLeigh knows how hard it is to find a wedding Officiant who will provide you with a unique, non-denominational wedding ceremony you and your guests will always remember affectionately. This is why Leigh will work with you to discover what makes you an individual, so that your ceremony is reflective of your interests, beliefs, and background, while universal enough to appeal to everyone. Leigh was born in Ireland, but has lived with his family in Canada for most of his life. He now lives in beautiful Stratford with his wife and daughter. Not only is he a dedicated full-time dad, he is also a professional artist, and looks forward to bringing this sense of creativity to your big day. For 2017, Leigh will be limiting his services to Stratford only.

Jennifer CulliganGay and Lesbian WeddingsConducts Gay and Lesbian Weddings

Jennifer CulliganJen who lives in Mitchell, would be honored to be part of your special day. Jen is culturally sensitive, accepting of all races, religions, and GLBT friendly. She would be pleased to help you with your non-denominational wedding ceremony. During the six months of good weather you can find Jen enjoying the theatre in Stratford as well as the beach. She enjoys travel, creative writing and getting involved in community events. She lives in Mitchell, and has spent three years in Asia teaching English as a second language which encouraged her to explore further in her dreams and goal. Jen would be delighted to meet you.

Jeffrey DaleGay and Lesbian WeddingsConducts Gay and Lesbian Weddings

Jeffrey DaleJeffrey lives in Milverton. He believes that each and every wedding is firmly about the celebration of life between two people that truly love each other. Jeffrey believes that your ceremony should be inspired by what makes you a couple, what makes you individuals on a journey to join as one. As a life-long learner and seeker Jeffrey has worked in community education, theater and spirituality. He is a graduate of Algonquin College (Diploma) and the University of Guelph (Bachelors and Masters). Jeffrey's core belief is that all people belong in an inclusive, understanding, and compassionate world.

Judy DougallGay and Lesbian WeddingsConducts Gay and Lesbian Weddings

Judy DougallJudy lives in Exeter. She has diverse interests, abilities and achievements including their busy farm near Exeter where she manages seasonable sales of fruits and vegetables. She is certified as a yoga instructor, deep-tissue massage therapist, holistic counsellor, leads the Exeter Laughter Yoga Club and a Senior's Fitness Class. Suffice it to say, Judy is eager, organized, creative, compassionate, fun loving & enthusiastic. These traits come together when she helps you create a wedding ceremony celebration that fullfills your most reserved, elegant or wildest dreams. Invite Judy to conduct your non–denominational or spiritual wedding and you will not be disappointed.

Brenda NurseawardWedding Industry Experts 2016 WinnerGay and Lesbian WeddingsConducts Gay and Lesbian Weddings

Brenda NurseBrenda was recently voted by her peers as the ‘Most Popular Wedding Officiant in Stratford’ at the prestigious international Wedding Industry Experts 2016 Awards. Brenda was born and raised on a farm in Perth County where she was an active 4H member, played baseball and learned to enjoy and appreciate country living. She has been involved in her local church as Sunday School Superintendent and Chair of Church Council. She has also served as a local municipal councillor and has worked as a law clerk for over 35 years. She is a member of the Institute of Law Clerks, Ontario. Brenda has 5 children and 9 grandchildren. She has enjoyed numerous sporting activities with her children over the years involving hockey, baseball, soccer, volleyball and horseback riding. Whether large or small, traditional or modern, a wedding ceremony is a time for celebration.It would be her pleasure to assist you with your special day.

Andraya Hoppe

Andraya HoppeAndraya Hoppe is a spiritual teacher, mentor and textile artist. She holds Bachelor degrees in Sociology and Theatre Arts from the University of Waterloo, along with several diplomas from various colleges. She is a practised speaker in many different public forums. She brings over fifteen years of experiencing in all aspects of wedding planning, especially customized ceremonies, including Handfastings and same sex marriages. Andi is very open-minded and willing to make your special day a reality from elegant or spontaneous nuptials to outdoors or in-home ceremonies. Andraya lives in Tavistock and serves the Stratford area and other rural communities west of Toronto.

Jeff Hoppe

Jeff HoppeJeff is a practising shaman and a spiritual mentor. He is an Information Technology Specialist and holds several diplomas, degrees and designations. A highly skilled communicator, Jeff has taught and lectured at various colleges for many years and is also experienced with group facilitation and performance theatre. Offering more than fifteen years of experience with weddings and handfastings, Jeff is very comfortable facilitating non–denominational or spiritual wedding ceremonies, and same-sex ceremonies. He is very flexible and willing to work with you to create a unique ceremony for your very special day. Jeff lives in Tavistock and serves the Stratford area and other rural communities west of Toronto.