Wedding Officiants in Parry Sound, Ontario

Including: Rosseau,MacTier,Nobel and points in the area.

Colleen BellawardAdditional LanguagesEnglish

Colleen BellColleen, a resident of Parry Sound, is an open-minded, caring, happy wedding officiant and is comfortable doing non-denominational or spiritual ceremonies. She is a people oriented person who is very active in her volunteer community. She walks, she hikes and loves crocheting. Colleen recognizes that a wedding signifies a wonderful new stage in a couple's life together. It is a time of hope, inspiration and love. Colleen would love to share your day with you and make your wonderful wedding ceremony all that you want it to be. Colleen loves to get to know people so that she shows up at your wedding as a friend, not a stranger.

Catharina BowersawardAdditional LanguagesEnglish

Catharina BowersCatharina Bowers is a experienced, understanding, wedding officiant who has the skills to make your dream wedding ceremony a reality. She is a creative thinker who has spent years as a chaplain and television producer/director. She is a true professional! Catharina's warm and caring approach to the needs of the couple will put their mind at rest. She can do your wedding ceremony in English or Dutch.. Talk with her and you will know you and your guests will like your choice.

Lynne DaggawardWedding Industy Experts 2016awardAdditional LanguagesEnglish

Lynne DaggLynne was recently voted by her peers as the ‘Most Popular Wedding Officiant in Parry Sound’ at the prestigious international Wedding Industry Experts 2016 Awards. Lynne has recently returned to live in her home town of Parry Sound. She is a warm, friendly and understanding person who connects easily with people and is truly interested in everyone’s well- being and happiness. She is a graduate of Laurentian University, and is an active community volunteer with many hobbies and interests. As a people-oriented human being, she firmly believes that the concept of ‘love and togetherness’ is a very important foundation for a fulfilling life. Whether you want a ceremony that is spiritual, non–denominational or religious, please consider Lynne as an experienced officiant who will take a very active and helping part in “Your Special Day”.

John CrockerawardAdditional LanguagesEnglish

John CrockerJohn, a longtime resident of Parry Sound and a graduate of Humber College. He is an active and caring volunteer in his community. His hobbies include stained glass art, little theatre and gardening. John is a sensitive individual with a great sense of humour who is comfortable with religious, spiritual, or non–denominational or custom wedding ceremonies. John will make your special day, one to be fondly remembered. He looks forward to serving you during this special moment in your life and will help you create a comfortable and meaningful wedding ceremony.

Jacqui MorrisonawardAdditional LanguagesEnglish

Jacqui MorrisonJacqui Morrison hails from Parry Sound and is an award winning fiction writer and the Writer in Residence at the Parry Sound Public Library. She believes a wedding should be worry-free. Jacqui will be there to make your dreams come true from the booking date to the ceremony. She is a spiritual person who believes a couple has the right to build their own spiritual or non–denominational ceremony in a unique and memorable way. She looks forward to working with couples.

Kathy DeguaraawardAdditional LanguagesEnglish

Kathy DeguaraKathy lives in Etobicoke and does wedding ceremonies in many other communities such as Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton etc. Kathy has a cottage in the Parry Sound area and is willing to perform weddings in that region as well. Kathy is the mother of two and a business woman. She has a deep interest in first nations spirituality but she is at home in all pathways. Gardening, hockey, reading, stained glass, and hiking keep her busy. Kathy will help you craft your personalized wedding ceremony whether non–denominational or spiritual. She is a kind and sensitive person who meditates and loves to serve others.

Rose-Anne PartridgeawardWedding Industy Experts 2016awardAdditional LanguagesEnglish

Rose-Anne PartridgeYour wedding vows your way is Rose-Anne’s goal for your special day.She is fluent in French and English, and conversational in both Spanish and Finnish. Rose-Anne was recently voted by her peers as the ‘Most Popular Wedding Officiant in Hamilton’ at the prestigious international Wedding Industry Experts 2016 Awards. As a Canadian best-selling author and speaker, Rose-Anne is very experienced in front of audiences of any size. Growing up in Toronto and a graduate from the U of T with a B.A. Specialist in French, Rose-Anne loves playing golf, hiking, and exploring nature. She has also lived, worked, and traveled extensively where she was exposed to many cultures, languages, beliefs and religions.

Janet BornemanawardAdditional LanguagesEnglishRussianUkrainian

Janet BornemanA graduate of Wilfrid Laurier University, she sings in the local chamber choir and is an active volunteer in her community. Janet has been a resident of Parry Sound for over 25 years. She works as a law clerk for a Law firm in Parry Sound. Her hobbies include cooking, knitting, music and reading. Janet believes that love and mutual respect are the cornerstones for a good marriage and looks forward to assisting you with your religious, spiritual, non–denominational or custom wedding ceremony. With her excellent organizational skills and attention to detail, she will ensure that your special day is everything you want it to be.